Looking back at years of experience working as a consultant and specialist for BI as well as a marketing and sales representative, Eddie Kayiira is now the PO for Fast Data & Analytics Topics at ING Germany. In this role, he is also the project lead for ING Germany’s Predictive Monitoring initiative.

Besides these positions, Eddie is the chairman and CEO of two NGO´s: The Global Elternverein e.V in Germany and the Artsy Africa Academy ltd. in Uganda.


Big Data Frameworks like Apache Kafka ensure a high and fault tolerant data throughput by relying on a distributed server infrastructure. While distributed infrastructures bear great potential for companies, they also present challenges for IT departments. Changes need to be conducted on many servers and it needs to be assured they do not cause any downtime or data loss, while services need to be monitored for an early detection of problems.

In his session, Eddie Kayiira will explain how the big data infrastructure is operated at ING Germany and highlight the automation process of cluster deployments and monitoring.